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Product & Services
Prices* (USD)
Wire a car complete (without nitrous) / labor only
Starting at $1000.00
Our Services
Chassis setup, includes stringing rear-end and scaling all 4 wheels
Starting at $250.00
Back-half dragster
Starting at $3,400.00
Front suspension on dragster
Starting at $1,700.00
Powder coating
Includes: chassis, rear end, motor plates, deflector, 4-link, seat, floor, foot box, dash, steering
Steering arms
$30.00 pair
Chrome Options
Tie rods
$30.00 pair
Engine saddles
$35.00 pair
Travel limiters
$40.00 pair
Deflector shield
Swing arm
Rear-end housing
Four-link bars
Nitrous bottle mount
Steering shaft
Fuel cell neck
Includes: 4-link bars, swing arm, engine limiters, deflector, motor saddles, tie rods, steering arms
Chrome Package
Upgrade to 40 spline axle
Upgrade to Strange ultra case
Upgrade to dual caliper brakes
Upgrade to "cut" steering wheel (top of wheel is open)
Embroidered seat covers
Miscellaneous Options
Inflatable lumbar support
Steel driveshaft with Strange billet yoke
Signature series button bracket
Headlight installed
Ignition access door
Spare nose
NACA ducts on side of body
Nitrous bottle mount
Chassis certification
Front canard wings installed
Rear wing built to top dragster specifications
Includes: streamlined tube uprights
Starting At $900.00
*Prices do not include shipping
Products & Services
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Custom Headers/Exhaust 
Starting at $900